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Enzo vs. Ferruccio. The Spat that Spawned Lamborghini

They say that Ferruccio Lamborghini decided build cars after an argument with Enzo Ferrari.

There’s a little anecdote that makes the birth of Casa Lamborghini all that more endearing. It is said that the real driving force in Ferruccio Lamborghini founding his car factory was inspired by, let’s call it an animated discussion with Enzo Ferrari. After all, both men were known their short fuses…

Tractor maker Lamborghini was an entrepreneur with a passion for sports cars. He owned a couple of Ferraris, but he was not happy. Let’s just say that Ferrari’s backup never quite satisfied what old Ferruccio expected from the Prancing Horse. So he took a spin to  Maranello to take the matter up directly with old Enzo.

Lamborghini apparently told Drake that his Ferrari’s clutch was not big enough and that he needed a solution. In typical Ferrari style, Enzo went straight back at Ferruccio: “The clutch is not the problem,” the old man barked. “The problem is you do not know how to drive a Ferrari You broke the clutch!”

“Ferrari, I will never buy your cars again,” Lamborghini’s snapped back. “Now I will make my own cars. Like that I will be sure they will work the way I want them to.”

No sooner said than done, hardly a year had passed before Ferruccio had founded the Lamborghini car company in Sant’Agata Bolognese. His goal from the outset? To build the perfect car. Thge rest, as they say, is history…