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Video: Aston Martin’s brief history in Formula 1

When you think about it, Aston Martin is to British carmakers what Ferrari is for the Italian motoring industry.

Both builders of road-going sports cars using motorsport as a platform to promote their wares. While the British marque focussed on sports car and GT, much like the Scuderia under Enzo did in the fifties through to the seventies, F1 was on their radar too, with little success.

Now, with the might of Lawrence Stroll’s billions, Aston Martin steps up again to Formula 1, starting this season. While their forays in 1959 and 1960 to the top flight, flopped it would be fair to say this next chapter can be looked forward to with greater optimism.

With Mercedes power, a clear commercial and sporting they mean serious business this time around. This video delves into Aston Martin’s early adventures in the sport at the highest level.